Matt Baker Surrey Magician

Matt Baker Surrey Magician performs at weddings

Hiring a magician at a wedding might by one of your best things you decide to have at your wedding (aside from the Dress, Cake, Rings and Bride and Groom!), the reason for this is that they can actually be a very useful tool to have to break the ice between family and friends that don’t know each other. The Bride and Groom are usually so busy on their special day that they just don’t have time to make sure everyone is happy and entertained.

This is where the magician comes in useful! Wedding Magicians are so used to involving people in to their close up and table magic that it is a perfect ice breaker for people who don’t know each other. After the magician has left a group the guest have now shared and amazing experience together, this in turn shouldn’t be underestimated, they now have a great talking point and is a wonderful way to start a conversation, they may ask each other, ‘how did he do that?’ or ‘ I saw a magician once that did this’ and so on. What ever the outcome you can be guaranteed that not only will the guest be amazed at the magic tricks they will be entertained and engaged and the experience brings people together. Remember…

Don’t forget the dead spot!

What we mean by this is that awkward time when the Bride and Grooms family are off having millions of lovely photos taken, this is the best time to ulitise your wedding magician! This is the time the magician will have their work cut out!  Sometimes the photos can take up to an hour and you don’t want the guests getting bored, well you can be sure by hiring one of our close up magicians that it would never occur. The magicians will go around your groups of guests mix and mingling with them amazing them with magic, mind reading and some even a bit of pickpocketing (don’t worry our magicians always give the items back!)

The photo above is of Matt Daniel-Baker performing at a wedding in Surrey. Matt lives in Epsom Surrey but performs a magic at weddings all over London and the rest of the South East.  Matt’s style of close up magic is very gentle, he is always a hit at weddings as he have a very friendly and witty persona.  Close up magicians like Matt usually Mix and Mingle with the guests for perform table magic before and after people have eaten.