UK Close Up Magicians perform for OrangeUK Close up magicians Matt Daniel-Baker and Richard Reed were whisked off all over Europe to perform for one of the largest mobile phone companies Orange.  Rich and Matt developed Orange mobile related magical effects which included vanishing and appearing a mobile phone, changing the colour of the phone, interaction tricks with specially designed apps as well as making a mobile phone float in mid air!  When you have UK Close up Magician Matt perform at your event you must ask him to perform the trick where your signed card ends up in a mobile phone it will blow your mind!

All of the UK Close up magicians on this website work well together and have regular brainstorming sessions developing new magical effects for the magic community as well as effects for stage, theatre, film and the corporate world of promotions and product launches.  If you have a magical idea for a corporate event or corporate promotion that you want to discuss give us a call or an email and we can discuss whether we think your idea can be done from a magical point of view.