Many view Close Up Magicians as the most skilful and impressive kind of magic as it is performed right under the nose of the spectator.  Close up magicians tend to use normal looking objects that you would find around the house, like playing cards, coins, bottle tops and watches.  Many of our close up magicians here in the UK also combine Mind Reading and Pickpocketing into their amazing routines.

Close up magic is a wonderful ice-breaker that can suit any occasion. A surprising number of people have never met a professional magician and experienced these astonishing feats so close up. Our  close up magic is the best way to make your event memorable. When a group of people share a moment that is unexplainable and impossible it truly is a amazingly unique feeling. Creating this enchanting atmosphere is what our team of magicians does best.

Take these moments of astonishment, lace them with comedy and you have a brand of entertainment so powerful and engaging, it has to be seen, to be believed.