wedding magicianMany people underestimate the value of having a magician at their wedding, in fact, in so far as they don’t even consider the option of hiring one. However, did you know that a fantastic magician can bring a number of benefits to your wedding? Let me walk you through some of them.

First off, you will want people to remember your day as much as possible right? After all, a wedding isn’t just about you, it is a shared experienced between your friends and family. A magician is something which many people don’t expect to see at a wedding and thus it helps your wedding stand out. Honestly, if you choose the right magician for your wedding you will have a talking point that people will be using to discuss your wedding for many years to come.

For a wedding, the majority of people hire a close up magician. The job of the magician will be to keep the guests entertained during ‘photography’ sessions where there is a lot of waiting around. They will wander from table to table amazing the guests that are seated there. This is going to stop your guests getting bored and once again, provide a talking point for the event. Everybody will love to see the next trip that the magician is going to have up their sleeve. Basically, it will keep everybody in ‘good spirits’ despite the downtime.

Whilst a wedding is a gathering of the people that you love the most, there will be a few people that don’t know each other. Now what happens if you need to seat people that don’t know each other at the same table? Well this is going to amount to pretty uncomfortable conversation. You can therefore use your magician as an icebreaker. As soon as they have performed at that particular table they will create a ‘talking point’ and people will get talking, even if they have never spoken to each other before. This really helps heighten the fun level of the event.

The best thing about choosing a magician for your wedding, more specifically a close up magician is the ease that you can incorporate one into the event. A close up magician requires very little space and very little props. So if your room is small, why not look into a magician as your main source of entertainment for your guests?

In order to gain all of these benefits you need to ensure that you hire a magician with wedding experience. Therefore you want a magician that is able to tailor their act to your event. There are plenty of magicians out there, but very few of them are actually ‘entertaining’. Make sure you consult a number of reviews for your selected magician before you take the plunge and hire them. Your wedding will benefit as a result.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to hiring a magician for your wedding. Why don’t you look into a couple of magicians today? Choosing the right magician could turn a perfect day into something that is even more perfect.