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07 Nov


Magician London

November 7, 2013 | By |

So have searched for Magician London, perhaps on Google or Yahoo and you are on the lookout for Hiring a Magician in London to perform at your event! Well at we provide the best London magicians on the circuit. When you book a magician London (as that is probably what you would have search) through us then you can be sure that that magician hired will be not only thoroughly amazing but also professional, reliable and entertaining!

Magician in London

Our Magicians are always in London venues performing for either corporate events private parties. The venues you will see a magician in London performing are:

The Dorchester Hotel – Magicians like this venue because of it’s grandness and ambiance used for many charity balls.  This is wear London Magician Keelan Leyser performed for celebrities like George Michael.

The Grosovenor Great Room – you will usually see many magicians perform in this London venue due to it’s sheer size and scale some of the most important and celebrity driven events are held at this London location.

The Lancaster Gate Hotel is another great venue where many magicians in London will be hired to perform their magic at parties and corporate events!

Hire a London Magician today call 0843 289 8283 (local rate from a landline) to secure your magician in London!

06 Dec


My advice for Hiring the Right UK Magician for your event!

December 6, 2012 | By |

Are you considering hiring a UK magician? Every event needs entertainment right? For many people the traditional band is out of the window because they really want to make their event stand out. Instead, many people are choosing to hire a magician for their event. Magicians provide something different and choosing the right magician is sure to keep everybody gripped. How do you go about choosing the right magician however? Let me explain.

The first thing to bear in mind is that there are a lot of people out there who call themselves magicians. Truth be told, they may have the tricks but they certainly do not have the ability to entertain. A successful entertainer has the ability to grip the audience with every word that they say and they have the ability to plan a show that is absolutely perfect for the event. Very few proper magicians exist and you may have difficulty finding one. The best tip I can offer you here is to rely on recommendations, whether this comes from a friend or perhaps browsing one of the many review websites online. If a magician is good, then there will be a number of stunning recommendations for them.

You will need to consider whether the magician that you select is right for your event. For example, a magician you choose for a children’s party would be completely different to one for a wedding. They will both have different target audiences for a start. Generally your magician’s profile page should give you a bit of information about what sort of entertainment they can cater for, you are unlikely to find a magician that caters for both as they do require completely different skills.

You will also need to look into the sort of magic that the magician practices. For example, if you are booking a magician for a wedding then you will most likely wish to opt for close up magicians. As you can probably tell from the name, these magicians specialise in magic where they can interact with the audience. They require very few props and space which of course helps keep the cost of the event down. If you are into something a bit bigger then you may wish to inquire about an illusionist but for most events (apart from the largest) this may be a bit overkill.

When you are looking into booking a UK magician I suggest that you get talking to them before you hire them. In order for your event to run smoothly you need to ‘connect’ with the magician. Talk to them and discuss the methods that they use and try to get a general idea of their act. Basically, you will want to find out as much information as possible beforehand to ensure that you have the right magician for your event.

If you follow these tips above you will find that finding the right UK magician for your event is a breeze. Honestly, find the right magician and not only will you have found the perfect entertainment for your guests, but you will end up with an entertainer that you can rely on time and time again.

12 Nov


Ever seen a magician at a wedding?

November 12, 2012 | By |

Matt Baker Surrey Magician

Matt Baker Surrey Magician performs at weddings

Hiring a magician at a wedding might by one of your best things you decide to have at your wedding (aside from the Dress, Cake, Rings and Bride and Groom!), the reason for this is that they can actually be a very useful tool to have to break the ice between family and friends that don’t know each other. The Bride and Groom are usually so busy on their special day that they just don’t have time to make sure everyone is happy and entertained.

This is where the magician comes in useful! Wedding Magicians are so used to involving people in to their close up and table magic that it is a perfect ice breaker for people who don’t know each other. After the magician has left a group the guest have now shared and amazing experience together, this in turn shouldn’t be underestimated, they now have a great talking point and is a wonderful way to start a conversation, they may ask each other, ‘how did he do that?’ or ‘ I saw a magician once that did this’ and so on. What ever the outcome you can be guaranteed that not only will the guest be amazed at the magic tricks they will be entertained and engaged and the experience brings people together. Remember…

[quote]Don’t forget the dead spot![/quote]

What we mean by this is that awkward time when the Bride and Grooms family are off having millions of lovely photos taken, this is the best time to ulitise your wedding magician! This is the time the magician will have their work cut out!  Sometimes the photos can take up to an hour and you don’t want the guests getting bored, well you can be sure by hiring one of our close up magicians that it would never occur. The magicians will go around your groups of guests mix and mingling with them amazing them with magic, mind reading and some even a bit of pickpocketing (don’t worry our magicians always give the items back!)

The photo above is of Matt Daniel-Baker performing at a wedding in Surrey. Matt lives in Epsom Surrey but performs a magic at weddings all over London and the rest of the South East.  Matt’s style of close up magic is very gentle, he is always a hit at weddings as he have a very friendly and witty persona.  Close up magicians like Matt usually Mix and Mingle with the guests for perform table magic before and after people have eaten.

07 Nov


London Magicians

November 7, 2012 | By |

When choosing a Magician to Entertain your guests in at your event in London, you might want to have a look some of the magicians we have to offer. All our magicians are of an extremely high standard and you can be guaranteed your guests will go away extremely amazed.

06 Nov


Types of magician

November 6, 2012 | By |

a Mind Reader Surrey is a popular type of magician you can hireDid you know that there is a huge variety of different magic and magicians types out there? Whilst there may be a little overlap between the various branches, each of them requires their own unique skills in order to be pulled off successfully. In this article I am going to take a quick look at the various types of magic that you are most likely to encounter.

Let’s start with street magic, sometimes known as urban magic. This type of magic has certainly been thrust into the eyes of the public consciousness of late. This is because this type of magic is now dominating our TV by the likes of David Blaine and Dynamo. This type of magic involves entertaining people on the street. This is similar to busking and a walk around the city centre could see a number of these magicians performing every single day. The idea is to get as many passers-by viewing the magic as possible. Often this type of magic involves interaction with the viewers and simple prompts. Many of the performances that you see on the street give the impression of being a bit impromptu, although they are of course carefully rehearsed.

A similar type of magic to Street Magic is known as ‘Close Up’ Magic, or table magic as it is sometimes known. These types of magicians are normally hired for events such as weddings. Here the magician will wander from table to table showing off their magic tricks. This takes a great deal of skill as the methods that the magician is using are going to be carefully analysed. The props and methods that a table magician uses will be similar to a street magician. One of the key differences here however is that a close-up magician will be expected to fulfil more of an entertainment role. This means that they actually need to be great to talk to and really work on their act. Some of the best table magicians started life as street magicians and have built up their act from there.

Another type of magic which seems to have been etched into the public’s consciousness as of late is known as mentalism. This type of magic is practiced by performers such as Derren Brown. This consists of a huge array of different techniques but normally comes down to the mentalist appearing to demonstrate that they have an incredibly sophisticated mind, almost paranormal. This includes demonstrating skills of mind reading and mind control. The act for this needs to be almost perfect for it to succeed.

The final type of magic that I wish to discuss is known as illusion magic. This type of magic has a bit more grandeur and often the biggest tricks are performed under this style of magic, for that reason, they require the biggest props. One of the most famous illusionists is David Copperfield. Tricks here include teleportation, the classic sawing somebody in half and levitation. Basically, they will aim to convince the audience that they have supernatural powers.

As mentioned before, there is a lot of overlap between these types of magic and some of the best magicians are able to perform all of them with ease. If you are planning for an event, you should consider what type of magician is going to be best for your needs.

06 Nov


Advantages of having a magician at your wedding

November 6, 2012 | By |

wedding magicianMany people underestimate the value of having a magician at their wedding, in fact, in so far as they don’t even consider the option of hiring one. However, did you know that a fantastic magician can bring a number of benefits to your wedding? Let me walk you through some of them.

First off, you will want people to remember your day as much as possible right? After all, a wedding isn’t just about you, it is a shared experienced between your friends and family. A magician is something which many people don’t expect to see at a wedding and thus it helps your wedding stand out. Honestly, if you choose the right magician for your wedding you will have a talking point that people will be using to discuss your wedding for many years to come.

For a wedding, the majority of people hire a close up magician. The job of the magician will be to keep the guests entertained during ‘photography’ sessions where there is a lot of waiting around. They will wander from table to table amazing the guests that are seated there. This is going to stop your guests getting bored and once again, provide a talking point for the event. Everybody will love to see the next trip that the magician is going to have up their sleeve. Basically, it will keep everybody in ‘good spirits’ despite the downtime.

Whilst a wedding is a gathering of the people that you love the most, there will be a few people that don’t know each other. Now what happens if you need to seat people that don’t know each other at the same table? Well this is going to amount to pretty uncomfortable conversation. You can therefore use your magician as an icebreaker. As soon as they have performed at that particular table they will create a ‘talking point’ and people will get talking, even if they have never spoken to each other before. This really helps heighten the fun level of the event.

The best thing about choosing a magician for your wedding, more specifically a close up magician is the ease that you can incorporate one into the event. A close up magician requires very little space and very little props. So if your room is small, why not look into a magician as your main source of entertainment for your guests?

In order to gain all of these benefits you need to ensure that you hire a magician with wedding experience. Therefore you want a magician that is able to tailor their act to your event. There are plenty of magicians out there, but very few of them are actually ‘entertaining’. Make sure you consult a number of reviews for your selected magician before you take the plunge and hire them. Your wedding will benefit as a result.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to hiring a magician for your wedding. Why don’t you look into a couple of magicians today? Choosing the right magician could turn a perfect day into something that is even more perfect.

20 Sep


What is a Close up Magician?

September 20, 2012 | By |

Many view Close Up Magicians as the most skilful and impressive kind of magic as it is performed right under the nose of the spectator.  Close up magicians tend to use normal looking objects that you would find around the house, like playing cards, coins, bottle tops and watches.  Many of our close up magicians here in the UK also combine Mind Reading and Pickpocketing into their amazing routines.

Close up magic is a wonderful ice-breaker that can suit any occasion. A surprising number of people have never met a professional magician and experienced these astonishing feats so close up. Our  close up magic is the best way to make your event memorable. When a group of people share a moment that is unexplainable and impossible it truly is a amazingly unique feeling. Creating this enchanting atmosphere is what our team of magicians does best.

[quote]Take these moments of astonishment, lace them with comedy and you have a brand of entertainment so powerful and engaging, it has to be seen, to be believed.[/quote]